Viewing advertisers

You can view advertiser accounts so that you can manage orders, creatives, and conversion tagsA small piece of code that tracks how users respond to the ads that serve for the orders they are associated with. for them.

To view an advertiser:

  1. Click the Orders tab.

  2. In the list of advertisers, click the link for the advertiser that you want to view.

    This displays the view advertiser screen for the selected advertiser.

    This screen displays information about the advertiser in the top and bottom portions of the screen. By default:

    • The top portion of this screen displays general details for the advertiser including the advertiser name, status, and ID.

    • The bottom portion of the screen contains the list of orders that belong to the advertiser, if any. You can change the information that displays in this portion of the screen by clicking a tab on the left. The tabs available for each advertiser include:

This topic applies to Ad Server. This topic applies to SSP. Most SSP activities are completed by OpenX.