Viewing orders

Last updated July 18, 2017

View general details for the orders that you have access to through the view order screen, from which you can also:

Navigating to the view order screen

  1. Click the Orders tab of the OpenX header.

  2. Click the Account Name of the advertiser whose orders you'd like to view. The Orders tab of the view advertiser screen displays for the selected advertiser.

    This screen displays general order information, including: Order Name, Status, Start and End Dates, Budget, and Actions.

    Important: Newly created orders default to a status of "pending". Don't forget to activate them.

    The Orders tab of the view advertiser screen

  3. Click the Order Name of the order for which you'd like to view additional details, including its line items. The Line Items tab of the view order screen appears.

    Line Item tab of the view orders screen

Finding information on the view order screen

The view order screen consists of three tabs, which include:


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