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Meeting Ad Quality Requirements

Demand Partners

Make sure your ad content complies with OpenX quality standards and that your integration enables enforcement of those standards.

Comply with OpenX Exchange Demand Policies

By understanding, and complying with, ad policies, you ensure that you are submitting acceptable ad content.

Respect Blocked Categories

Recognizing blocked categories in a bid request helps ensure that you do not attempt to submit ads that a publisher does not accept. Blocked categories are enumerated in the bcat field of the BidRequest object.

Populate the adomain or bundle ID Value

Your bid response must include some way to identify your brand.

Ensure All Ads are Non-rotating

Do not submit ads that rotate to different brands and/or media types. Rotating creatives will be discarded as an ad quality violation. They can cause technical problems on publisher pages as well as performance tracking issues.

Identify Ad Quality Scanner Impressions

The scanning system substitutes AUDIT for the price value in price macro of your bid response: {winning_price}, {WINNING_PRICE} of ${AUCTION_PRICE:OXCRYPT}.

Macro PatternBecomes

You are not charged for these scans. However, ensure that your system has built-in logic to avoid logging these scans as valid impressions. If not, this may lead to impression and spend discrepancies.