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Passing Buyer and Creative IDs

Demand Partners

Last updated January 16, 2019

You must identify yourself and your creatives in every bid response.

Passing a Buyer ID

OpenX requires you to pass a Buyer ID in for every Bid Response. It is necessary for accurate reporting and for private marketplace deals. Make sure to input a value, even if the number just represents your own id. This is especially important for private marketplaces.

Work with your Platform Development Manager to update the Buyer ID mappings every one or two months.

Passing a Creative ID

OpenX requires you to pass a Creative (CRID) in the field for each unique creative, including variations in:

  • Size
  • Appearance (look or behavior)
  • Landing page URL
  • File format

You must place the unique CRID identifier assigned by the buyer’s system in the CRID field of your bid responses. Each CRID you return must consistently be associated with the same creative, both at serve time and if the associated ad code is subsequently called by OpenX’s audit system. The identifier CRID string that the buyer creates may be any valid UTF8 string of 64 bytes or less.

If a bid response does not include a creative ID, it is dropped.