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Testing and Launching your Integration

Demand Partners

After verifying that your integration meets technical requirements and ad quality standards, and is optimized according to your needs, you’re ready to test it for production.

Testing occurs by performing a limited-volume test phase which involves bidding against live traffic under controlled conditions.

After successful testing, OpenX works with you to scale your volume.

Limited-volume Test Phase

You work the OpenX Platform Development team to bid against live traffic under limited conditions recommended by the team:

  • One RTB end point.
  • Low QPS, approximately 500 to begin testing.
  • Low daily budget, approximately $50.00.
  • Limited geographic area, up to three high-volume designated market areas (DMAs) or a lower-volume state or country.
  • One ad size.

Over several days, OpenX compares impression and spend data to confirm that discrepancies are at a reasonable level. OpenX also checks for high rates of timeouts or errors.

Prerequisites for limited-volume testing

Before you start this phase, the Platform Development Team works with you to make sure the following conditions are in place:

Scaling your Volume

After validating that the integration is working properly, the Platform Development team works with you to scale your volume and monitor performance aspects such as timeouts, error rates, and impression/spend discrepancies.