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Data Object

Demand Partners

BidRequest Object

The Data object provides details about the user.


This object is supported, but not currently populated. Ask your Platform Development Manager for more details.

Field nameData typeDescriptionSent?
idstringA unique OpenX identifier for the data provider. This field includes any publisher data that may be provided in the BidRequest using a Data object and corresponding segments.

Publishers can pass a value that may be included in the field if its value is either publisher or it is prefixed with pub- followed by any value of their choosing.
For example, pub-12345678.
Values passed by publishers and prefixed with pub- have not been verified by OpenX.

Note: The conventions used by this field will change as OpenX supports additional sources of data.
namestringThe name of the data provider.Sometimes
segmentarray segment objectA collection of Segment objects, each describing a particular data point available from this data providerSometimes

For additional publisher enrichment fields, see Supplemental Data.