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Deal Object

Demand Partners

BidRequest Object

The Deal object (direct deals) describes a list of deals eligible for impressions. If the Deal object is sent, its at field is sent.

Field nameData typeDescriptionSent?
idstringA unique identifier for the deal.Always
atintegerAuction type of the PMP request. This overrides the overall auction type of the request.
   • 1: First-price auction.
   • 2: Second-price auction.
   • 3: Fixed price auction.

Note: Real-time guaranteed (RTG) requests are sent with both a value of 3 in the field and a value of 4 in the field to maintain backwards compatibility. If using RTG, please set your logic to refer to the field first, and then field to understand the auction type.
bidfloorfloating-pointThe minimum price for the impression in CPM. The default value is 0.Always

Field nameData typeDescriptionSent?
atintegerAdditional auction type:
4: Guaranteed deal.

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