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Geo Object

Demand Partners

BidRequest Object

BidRequest.device.geo or BidRequest.user.geo

The Geo object provides details about the user’s current location (in relation to the Device object) or their primary location (via the User object).

Each Geo object can include the optional Extensions object (see below).

Field nameData typeDescriptionSent?
citystringThe city where the user is located (United Nations Code for Trade and Transport Locations).
For example, los angeles
countrystringThe country where the user is located expressed as an ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 code.
For example, USA
extextensions object
(see below)
An object containing properties that describe custom fields related to the end-user’s physical location.Sometimes
latfloating-pointThe user’s latitude. For example, 33.684Sometimes
lonfloating-pointThe user’s longitude. For example, -117.793Sometimes
stringIndicates the region code per ISO-3166-2 or the two-character state code in the U.S.
For example, CA
typeintegerIndicates the source of the user’s geographic location details, as defined in the IAB’s OpenRTB 2.5 specification.
For example, this field can indicate whether the lat or lon is derived from the device’s GPS location or an IP address.
zipstringThe user’s postal code location. Values are not restricted to the U.S.
For example, 92602

For additional details, see:

BidRequest.device.geo.ext or BidRequest.user.geo.ext

To provide additional details about the end-user’s physical location, the Geo object may include an Extensions object.

Field nameData typeDescriptionSent?
continentstringThe user’s continent location.
For example, north america
dmaintegerThe user’s designated market area (DMA) location.Sometimes