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Metric Object

Demand Partners

BidRequest Object


This object is associated with an impression as an array of metrics. These metrics can offer insight into the impression to assist with decisioning (such as viewability). Each metric is identified by its type, reports the value of the metric, and optionally identifies the source or vendor measuring the value.

To enable this object or receive more information, please contact your Platform Development Manager.

Field nameData typeDescriptionSent?
typestringType of metric being presented (such as viewability). Please see the table below for a list of metric types supported by OpenX.Always
valuefloatNumber representing the value of the metric. Probabilities must be in the range 0.00 - 1.00Always
vendorstringSource of the value.Always

Supported metrics

The following is subject to regular updates. We strongly recommend regularly checking this table for new metrics that are supported by OpenX.

MetricTypeRange for valuePossible vendor values
Viewability score of the bid requestviewability0.00 - 1.00Moat, Active View