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Native Object

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BidRequest Object


The Native object provides details about a native ad request. A well-structured response must comply with the OpenRTB dynamic native ads API specification.

Each Imp object can contain one Native object, which is required for native impressions. Alternatively, an Imp object can contain a Banner object.

Before the implementation of the OpenRTB native ads API, OpenX used key value pairs to describe a native ad opportunity. OpenX now passes a serialized string of structured JSON data describing the opportunity via the BidRequest.imp.native.request field. To respond to this opportunity, send your native markup via the field.


Native ads are currently not available in the OpenX Ad Exchange.

Field nameData typeDescriptionSent?
apiarray (integer)One of the supported API standards or frameworks:
   • 2 = VPAID 2.0
   • 3 = MRAID 1.0
   • 4 = ORMMA
   • 5 = MRAID 2.0
For example, 2.
battrarray (integer)An array of blocked creative attributes. If no value is specified, all types are allowed. For a list of creative attribute values, see the IAB’s OpenRTB 2.5 specification.Sometimes
requeststringRequest markup complying with the OpenRTB dynamic native ads API specification (for example, a string of JSON data describing the native ad opportunity).
To respond to the native opportunity, include a serialized string of native markup in the field.
verstringThe version of the native ads API specification. For example, 1Sometimes

For additional details, see the IAB’s: