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Site Object

Demand Partners

BidRequest Object

If the available impression is on a website, Ad Exchange may include a Site object to describe the website.

A BidRequest can only contain a single Site or App object, not both.

A Site object can reference the Publisher object and the Content object.

Field nameData typeDescriptionSent?
catarray (string)The list of IAB content categories that apply to the site.Sometimes
domainstringThe site domain (for example,, which maps to the domain of the bid request URL.Sometimes
extextensions objectAn object containing properties that describe custom fields related to this site.Sometimes
idstringThe ID for the site associated with this inventory purchase.Sometimes
mobileintegerIndicates whether the site has been programmed to optimize layout when viewed on mobile devices.
   • 0 = False
   • 1 = True (The site uses responsive web design.)
pagestringThe URL of the webpage where the impression will display.Sometimes
publisherpublisher objectAn object containing properties that describe the publisher of the Site or App for this impression opportunity.Sometimes
refstringThe referrer URL that navigated the end-user to the current page.Sometimes

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