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Programmatic Direct Deals

Demand Partners

Last updated on August 10, 2020

Programmatic Direct deals enable you to contract directly with leading publishers for access to high-quality inventory.

OpenX supports the following types of deals:

Type of DealDescription
Preferred dealA pre-negotiated arrangement between a publisher and a demand partner to purchase inventory at a fixed price.
Private auctionAn arrangement between a publisher and one or more demand partners to sell inventory to the highest bidder above a set floor price.
Real-time GuaranteedAn arrangement that enables a demand partner to secure a volume guarantee by forecasting their audience and negotiating a fixed CPM with the publisher.

Bid requests include the object when the impression is eligible for one or multiple deals.

Getting Started with Programmatic Direct

  • If you are already integrated with OpenX via OpenRTB for real-time bidding, but are not yet receiving deal opportunities in requests, contact your Platform Development Manager to enable Programmatic Direct access for your account.
  • When creating a traffic set, select the Programmatic Direct buying model.