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Managing Traffic Sets

Demand Partners

After creating traffic sets, you can start or pause their activity or manage them in other ways:

ActivateInitiate the activity of a new traffic set. After it is created, a traffic set goes into a Pending status , so that you can review it to ensure that it reflects your needs and preferences. Activating it changes the status to Active and initiates traffic flow to your RTB endpoint.
PauseTemporarily halt an active traffic set to adjust its settings for better return on your spend. You can edit a traffic set while it is still active. But if the traffic set is causing negative revenue impact, you can prevent further negative impact by pausing it first and then making any changes to it.
ResumeResume running a paused traffic set to continue traffic flow.
StopHalt an active traffic set if you are an OpenX administrator and want to control when traffic flow can resume. Only OpenX administrators can stop or resume stopped traffic sets.
EditChange settings for a paused or active traffic set to tune its performance. For example, you can change settings to improve return on your ad spend or increase traffic volume.
CloneCopy a traffic set to create a new traffic set that is similar to an existing one. After cloning, edit the clone to make it unique.
DeleteRemove a traffic set that is no longer in use.

Managing a Traffic Set

To edit, clone, delete, or change the status of a traffic set:

  1. In the UI, click the Traffic Sets tab.

  2. On the Traffic Sets page, click the down-arrow button in the Actions column for the desired traffic set.

  3. Select the desired action from the list.

  4. If you are editing the traffic set, make and save any additional changes.