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Targeting App Bundle IDs and Content

Demand Partners

You can target an app’s inventory by using a bundle ID, which is a string that identifies a single app. You can also target inventory by the attributes of the content in which the impression appears.

To set this targeting criteria, click Set Add App Bundle ID &Content.

Targeting DimensionOperatorsOptions
App Bundle ID• equals
• does not equal
Enter one or more App Bundle IDs to include or exclude.
This field is case-sensitive.
The Bundle ID comprises the app and company name. An app named “MyApp” from a company named “ACompany” could look like either of the following:
   • com.acompany.MyApp = iOS or Android
   • 123456789 = iOS
The maximum number of App Bundle IDs you can input is 10,000 (total) per traffic set.
Content Category• Contains only
• Contains any of
• Contains all of
• Contains none of
Select one or more categories from the list. After completing your selections, click away from the list.

Note: Targeting a top-level content category does not target its sub-topics. For example, targeting the top-level topic Automotive does not target Automotive:Trucks or Automotive: Cars. However, selecting Automotive: All targets all Automotive content topics.
Content Duration Maps to the content.len OpenRTB bid request parameter. Enter the minimum and maximum length in seconds for the content.
Content Title• begins with
• containsbr
• does not begin with
• does not contain
• does not end with
• does not equal
• ends with
• equals
Enter the title of the content, such as a movie or TV show. Then click the + icon. The title appears in quotation marks. You can add multiple titles, using any operator for each one.

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