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Targeting Audiences

Demand Partners

You can set audience targeting, which enables you to target or block groups of users who share particular behaviors or traits.

To edit this target, go to the Select Audience section. See the following table for options:

Targeting DimensionOperatorsOptions
Site’s Intended Audience• equalsSelect an audience age group to target. This dimension is required and is grayed out, so you can’t accidentally delete it.

Note: By default, OpenX targets the Site’s Intended Audience type Over 12 yrs. Keep in mind that some app and web inventory is subject to federal and local regulations.
Matched Users• equalsThe only available option is Matched Cookied Users. This limits traffic to requests with a DSP’s known user IDs, based on cookie information and external identifiers (for example, Unified ID, Ramp ID, etc.). For more about EIDs, see Enabling External Identifiers.

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