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Targeting Categories

Demand Partners

You can target or block categories of publisher content.

Account-level defaults

OpenX automatically blocks your parent account’s blocklisted categories, which by default are:

  • Adult (All)
  • Firearms & Weapons (All)
  • Gambling (All)
  • Tobacco & Smoking (All)
  • Not Classified (All)

Additionally, when setting up your account, your PDM works with you to block categories. You can view them in Traffic Shaper on the Category Blocklist tab for your account. Account-level blocklists are defaults for all traffic sets, but you can override them for individual traffic sets.

OpenX Ad Exchange has a two-tier taxonomy for its targetable categories, so you can:

  • Target a top-level category, such as Automotive (All).
  • Target specific second-level categories, such as Business: Construction.

To edit this target, go to the Select Category section.

Targeting dimensionOperatorsOptions
Category• equals
• does not equal
Enter one or more categories to include or exclude.

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