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About Smart Throttling

Demand Partners

Last updated on October 28, 2019

Smart Throttling aims to improve current QPS throttling capabilities by introducing a model that predicts the value of each solicitation to a buyer and preferentially throttles requests that are lower in value.

With Traffic Shaper, requests are first pre-filtered by Traffic Shaper rule sets, then ranked and throttled by Smart Throttling using QPS caps provided by Traffic Shaper, and finally sent through throttling if there is any overflow that needs to be dealt with in real-time.

How Does Smart Throttling Work?

A model is created for each buyer based on their historical bidding behavior. When we are approaching QPS limits, the model computes a score for each individual request and a real-time feedback loop throttles the lowest scoring requests. This is to ensure that the QPS cap is satisfied with the highest quality requests available.