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Platform API

The OpenX Platform API provides the following types of resources:

  • Objects: Support CRUD operations using the following HTTP verbs:
    • POST: Creates the specified item.
    • GET: Reads a representation of the resource.
    • PUT: Updates the specified item.
    • DELETE: Deletes the specified item.
  • Services: Support only read (GET) operations.

For a list of resources, see the Platform API Reference.

Accessing a Resource

To access a resource, construct a request according to the following URI format:

method base_URI/resource/identifier?parameter&parameter
methodAn HTTP method, such as GET.
base-URIYour OpenX server name, or admin hostname. This is the same name you see when you log in to the UI.
resourceThe name of an API object or service.
identifierMay provide a UID or a request for specific values if needed.
?parameterIndicates the first URI parameter string.
&parameterAn additional URI parameter string.

For example, in the call:

GET http://openx_server_name/ox/4.0/user/available_fields?action=create
  • GET is the method.
  • http://*openx_server_name*/ox/4.0/ is the base URI. The relative path /4.0/ indicates that your are using version 4 of the Platform API. If your base URI includes /3.0/, this API guide does not apply to your instance.
  • user is an API resource.
  • available_fields indicates a specific a request for information about the object’s fields.
  • ?action=create is a URI parameter string indicating that the request is for fields available upon the object’s creation.