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deal object

Platform API

A prearranged agreement to sell specific inventory, such as a direct deal between a publisher and a demand partner.

The deal object has the following calls:

GET /dealList all deals.
GET /deal/available_fieldsList the available_fields to create or update a deal.
GET /deal/deal_UIDRead the specified deal.
GET /deal/exportExport data in CSV format for all deals.

Note: If a deal is associated with a custom package, its package_name and package_description values in the downloaded CSV file say “Private Selection”. The corresponding Package Name entry in the UI says “Custom”.
POST /dealCreate a deal.
POST /deal/deal_UID/cloneClone the specified deal.
PUT /dealUpdate the specified deals.
PUT /deal/deal_UIDUpdate the specified deal.
DELETE /dealDelete the specified deals.
DELETE /deal/deal_UIDDelete the specified deal.

See also Private Marketplace