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session service

Platform API

Allows communication between OpenX and a user when the user logs in, interacts with, and logs out of the system.

Logging into OpenX

GET /session: Log into OpenX.

Request sample

curl --cookie "openx3_access_token=token_string"

Response sample

   "account": {
   "locale": "en_US",
   "acl_mapping": {
   "instance": {
   "user": {
   "sso_domain": "",
   "api_version": ""

Response data

accountDetails of the network or publisher account. Information like timezone, currency, and creation date are returned.
acl_mappingAccess and permissions of a user.
api_versionVersion of the API.
instanceDetails of the customer UI. Information like the global timezone (which an account can inherit), and delivery hostname/domain are returned.
localeUser selected language for the UI. This is set in the user settings. To list all valid locale values, call GET /options/local_languages.

Current valid values:
   • de_DE = German.
   • en_US = English/United States.
   • fr_FR = French.
   • ja_JP = Japanese.

By default en_US. In the UI, refer to the Locale field.
sso_domainOpenX domain of the UI instance.
userDetails the user information, such as the user’s name, ID, and creation date.

Logging Out of OpenX

DELETE /session: Logout from OpenX.

Request sample

curl -X DELETE --cookie "openx3_access_token=token_string"

Response sample