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Platform API Reference

Platform API

Last updated on August 10, 2020

The table below lists the objects and services included in the OpenX Platform API. Click on the object or service name to consult its reference page.


The Platform API includes the following objects which support CRUD (create, read, update, and delete) operations:

accountA business unit or business relationship as it is represented in OpenX, such as an ad network, advertiser, publisher, or agency.
adThe functional unit that displays in the ad space and which represents the message that an advertiser wants an end-user to view.
adunitSpecific areas on your site where you want to display ads.
adunitgroupCollections of ad units used for inventory to be filled with companion ads or to map items in a CMS to inventory items
commentSupports the logging of comments for any API object, such as via its Description field in the OpenX UI.
creativeThe media asset to use in your ad (such as an image or video file) that you can upload to the OpenX CDN. The creative references a local or remote file.
dealA prearranged agreement to sell specific inventory, such as a direct deal between a publisher and a demand partner.
floorruleAllows you to manage selling rules regarding the minimum price you are willing to accept for ad space and related details.
lineitemProvides line item details associated with orders, such as pricing, goals, and targeting.
optimizationRepresents real-time selling rules with fields for targeting criteria, minimum prices, advertiser and content filters.
orderProvides calls to manage direct demand for ad space. Depending on your OpenX configuration, use it to manage demand for third-party networks or exchanges.
packageAllows you to group inventory that can be reused for different deals or pricing controls without having to be defined again.
paymenthistoryProvides payment details for a specified account.
siteRepresents a collection of ad unit inventory.
sitesectionRepresents a grouping of ad space in a site.
userRepresents an individual who logs in to OpenX and performs tasks on behalf of the accounts to which they have access.


The Platform API includes the following services, which support read GET operations:

audittrailLogs changes to data (creation, modification, or deletion) and allows a system administrator to review historical changes to several objects.
geoProvides geolocation values you can use for targeting.
marketRetrieves information about advertisers, brands, and market operators.
optionsRetrieves data for the specified options key.
sessionAllows communication between OpenX and a user when the user logs in, interacts with, and logs out of the system.
subtypesRetrieves the subtypes that can be created for the various object, such as subtypes of the account, lineitem, order, and site objects.

UI Only Services

These UI only services have no reference documentation.

adqualityAn ad quality service that handles the review and blocking of creatives.
i18nLanguage tools used for localization.
oxsearchA service for searching OpenX data used in the UI.
reportsSupports OpenX reporting services via the UI.