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oa.js is a JavaScript library that you can easily integrate on your pages to help you increase CPMs through access to persistent, people-based identity resolution, enhanced knowledge of your users, and audience creation capabilities.

oa.js achieves the following:

  • Enriches bid requests with universal identifiers which improves yield, especially in cookieless environments.
  • Makes identifiers available for other SSPs to use across the demand stack.
  • Provides audience-based insights about your site visitors including, but not limited to, demographic information, onsite behavior, and how your users monetize relative to your competition.
  • Decreases the need for user cookie syncs resulting in a better user experience.

How Does OA.JS Work?

oa.js offers browser based identity resolution for publishers integrated with Prebid.js (by enabling the UserID module). oa.js can also use PII based resolution in browser environments where third party cookies are not supported.

Identity partners are called and identities are stored in either a first-party cookie or localStorage. Once identifiers are fetched they can be included in the bidstream using the Prebid UserID Module. All data events are delayed so as to not impact page performance.