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Managing Deals



Managing a deal consists of several tasks you can perform on a deal. This includes changing the status of a deal, editing a deal, troubleshooting a deal, and more.

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Deal List

The OpenAudience™ UI Deal List, allows you to easily create and manage your existing deals.

Search and FilterSearch deals by their name and/or ID. Filter deals by their status.
New DealCreate a new deal.
Data ColumnsView the name, ID, status, start date and end date (optional) for every deal.
In addition, you can sort the deals list by clicking the corresponding column headings.

Note: Clicking on a deal’s name takes you into the Deal Details screen.
Actions ListOpen a deal’s actions list to perform any of the following:

Details: Access the Deal Details screen. You can also achieve the same by clicking on the deal’s name.
Reactivate Deal: Reactivate a deal that is currently in a Paused status.
Pause Deal: Pause a deal that is currently in an Active status.
Clone Deal: Clone a deal rather than having to create a similar one from scratch.
Edit Deal Details: Edit a deal. For more about the fields you can edit, see Creating a Deal > Deal Details.
Attach Audience: Attach (associate) an audience to an existing deal. For more on defining an audience while creating a deal, see Creating a Deal > Define Audience.
Add Traffic Filters: Add traffic filters to your deal. For more, see Creating a Deal > Add Traffic Filters.
Edit Traffic Filters: Edit existing traffic filters on the deal.
Archive Deal: Archive and remove a deal from the Deals List.
TroubleshootTroubleshoot a deal. This allows you to visualize the deal’s activity for the last 4 hours.

Note: The Troubleshoot button appears when hovering your cursor over a deal’s row.

Searching and Sorting Deals

You can search for a deal by typing its name or deal ID in the search box. The most recently created deals are listed on top of the table by default. To sort deals data, toggle the desired column header. Columns are arranged in descending order on the first click and ascending on the second click.

To sort and filter deals by Status, open the filter dialog to select and apply more than one filter.

Deal Details

Once your deal is created, the Deal Details screen displays the deal’s information and current settings such as:

  • Deal ID
  • Demand Partners
  • Deal Floor and Duration
  • Audience Details (if an audience was attached)
  • Traffic Filters (if traffic filters were added)

To access the Deals Details screen, from the Deals List, click on the deal’s name or open the Actions list and then select Details.

deal details screen

You can also directly Pause, Reactivate, Clone, Edit, Attach Audience, Edit Traffic Filters, Archive, and Troubleshoot the deal by clicking on the corresponding button located on the top right of the screen.

For example, if you need to attach an audience to your deal, click Attach Audience to directly access the Add Audience screen.

Troubleshooting a Deal

The Troubleshoot screen allows you to visualize the deal’s activity for the last 4 hours. This includes metrics for Bid Requests, Bid Responses, and Impressions. Troubleshooting a deal allows you to monitor the progress of your deal and helps you determine if you need to edit your deal. You can access the Troubleshoot screen from the Deals List by hovering your cursor over a deal’s row, and then clicking the Troubleshoot button.

troubleshoot deal screen

You can display all metrics based on time by hovering your cursor above any of the graphs.


You can also directly perform many actions by clicking on the corresponding button located on the top right of the Troubleshoot screen.