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Managing Members



Users with administrative rights can access the All Members screen to add and manage members within their organization. To access the All Members screen, click Organization located on the top menu, and then click All Members located on the left.

From the All Members screen you can achieve the tasks described below.

Adding a Member

To add a new member to your organization:

  1. From the All Members screen, click located on the top right.

  2. The Add New Member dialog appears. Type in the Full Name and Email.

  3. Click Invite. The member will be notified via email that you are adding them to your organization and will then be listed in the All Members table.

Editing a Member

To edit a member:

  1. Open the actions list for the member to edit, and then select Edit.

  2. The Edit Member screen appears. Edit the member’s fields as needed.

  3. Click Save.

Deactivating a Member

To deactivate (delete) a member:

  1. Open the actions list for the member to deactivate, and then select Deactivate.

  2. A dialog appears asking you to confirm the member’s deactivation. Click Yes. The member is now deleted from your organization.