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OpenAudience™ UI



The OpenAudience™ UI is an OpenX audience builder that streamlines the audience creation process so that you can build and reach your perfect audience. This is achieved by creating custom audiences using first and third party data.

In summary, with the OpenAudience™ UI you can achieve the following:

  • Onboard audiences.
  • Create custom audiences using demographic segments and third party segments.
  • Activate audiences with deals and access premium inventory.
  • Access audience insights via the Insights panel.

Top Menu

The top menu allows you to switch between the main screens of the OpenAudience™ UI. The tabs on the menu are as follows.

TabScreen Description
DealsThe Deals List screen is where you can activate audiences with deals and access premium inventory. In addition, you have the option to define your audience and set traffic filters while creating a deal.
AudiencesThe Audiences List screen is where you can start creating custom audiences and then manage those audiences. Each audience is listed including its reach, status, provider, last edited date, and creation date. From this screen you can also access a specific audience’s details.
SegmentsThe Your Segments screen is where you can access your Direct Audience segments and/or upload your 1st party data files to utilize as segments when creating a new audience.
UsersIf you have administrative rights, you can access the Users List screen to manage users within your organization.
ReportingAccess deal reporting in Sigview.

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