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OpenAudience™ UI



The OpenAudience™ UI is OpenX audience builder that streamlines the audience creation process so that you can model and reach your perfect audience. This is achieved by creating custom audiences using first and third party data.

In summary, with the OpenAudience™ UI you can achieve the following:

  • Onboard audiences.
  • Create custom audiences using demographic segments and third party segments.
  • Create lookalike audiences similar to your key existing customers by utilizing first party data.
  • Access audience insights via the Insights panel.
  • Manage UI access and permissions across your organization.

Top Menu

The top menu allows you to switch between the main screens of the OpenAudience™ UI. The main screens are Audiences, Segments, and Organization.

On the right side, your organization and username are listed. From the username list you can Log Out.

Audiences Screen

The Audiences screen is where you can start creating custom audiences and then manage those audiences. Each audience is listed including its type, organization, addressable reach, status, last edited date, and creation date. From this screen you can also access a specific audience details.

Segments Screen

The Segments screen is where you can start uploading your data files to then utilize them as segments when creating a custom audience or when creating a lookalike audience. Each segment is listed including its type, size, reach, status, and creation date. In addition, you can manage each segment by applying a series of actions.

Organization Screen

If you have administrative rights, you can access this screen to manage your organization including its members.