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Uploading Segments



Last updated on November 12, 2020

The Segments screen allows you to upload your subscriber or customer segments to use for audience creation. Once uploaded, the segment appears in the Your Segments table including its attributes such as, addressable MAU reach, type, status, and date created.

Data File Requirements

Prior to uploading a data file consider the following:

  • Provide a unique name to the data file to upload.
  • Provide a description.
  • Specify which key is in the data file.
  • Provide a .csv or .txt data file that contains a single column of Email, Phone, or MAIDs.
  • Exclude the column header from your data file.

Uploading a Data File

To upload a data file:

  1. From the Your Segments screen, click located on the top right.

  2. The Upload Segment dialog appears. Complete the following fields:

    • Segment name: Type your new segment’s name.
    • Data type: Select one of the following data types from the list:
      • Mobile Ad ID
      • Email
      • Phone

    Your data will be hashed locally on your browser before sending it. If you want to pre-hash the data manually, do the following:

    1. Normalize the data by converting all characters to lowercase and trimming all whitespace.
    2. Hash the normalized data using SHA256.

  3. Drag and drop your .csv or .txt data file in the upload box, or click and select your data file.

  4. Click .

    Your data file is now uploaded and listed in the Your Segments screen. The status of the data file goes from Processing to Ready. Once Ready, the segment is available for audience creation.