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You can set up and manage your ad space that you want to sell through the OpenX Ad Exchange through the Inventory menu of the OpenX UI, where you can define inventory for web, mobile, and video ads.

You need to:

  1. Add your sites. Typically, this involves adding a site for each of your top-level domains and subdomains.

  2. For each site, create ad units to represent the areas on the site where ads will appear. You need to create an ad unit for each piece of ad space where you want to display an ad. You can set up ad units for web, mobile, and video ads.

  3. Depending on the delivery medium or ad unit type:

    • Copy the ad tag and paste it into the source code for the actual ad space represented by the ad unit (for web, mobile web, or email ad units).
    • Configure your mobile app to communicate with OpenX (for mobile app ad units).

You can also:

  • Create ad products to bundle similar segments of your inventory into sales-friendly packages.
  • Create selling rules to define the inventory that you want to make available through the OpenX Ad Exchange.

The contents of the Inventory tab is different for publisher account users. In this case, it displays the list of sites for their account.

From here publisher users can:


These topics assume you have the appropriate user access. If you are unable to perform required tasks, contact your account administrator to verify your access.