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Prebid.js Adapters


Last updated on November 16, 2018

Header bidder containers, also known as header bidder wrappers, allow a publisher to manage several header bidding partners within a single code implementation. Prebid.js is a free and open-source library for publishers to quickly implement header bidding and manage header bidding partners.

The OpenX adapters for web and video allow OpenX to participate as a demand source within this solution. The OpenX adapters support Prebid integrations where DFP is the ad server.

For detailed setup instructions, see OpenX Prebid adapter setup for web and video.

OpenX Bid Currency and Fees

OpenX submits bids in the currency in which you are being paid by OpenX. If this is different from your ad server currency, you may want to implement the Prebid Currency Module to convert bids from OpenX into the correct currency. This ensures that you are correctly evaluating bids from OpenX. OpenX bids are net of OpenX fees.