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Creating Deals


A deal can be easily created by selecting the account for the deal and then completing the Deal Details, Targeting Criteria, and Participants sections. The following steps assume that you have inventory available to specify in your packages.

To create a deal:

  1. From the Deals List, click located on the top right of the screen. The Create Deal screen appears.

  2. Verify that the account listed on the On Behalf Of section is the correct one. If not, select the correct account from the Select Account for Deal list.

    If you have a network account and create a deal at the network level, users who do not have network-level access will not be able to access the deal.

  3. In the Deal Details section, complete the following fields:

    In this fieldDo this
    Deal NameEnter a descriptive, unique name that would help you identify the deal.
    StatusSelect the desired deal status:
       • Active
       • Paused
    Deal TypeSelect the deal type:
       • Preferred Deal: To offer a package to a single demand partner at a fixed price.
       • Private Auction: To offer a package to one or more demand partners at a specified floor price (a minimum bid).
       • Within Open Auction: To offer a package to demand partners at a specified floor price (a minimum bid) within an open auction.
    CurrencySelect the desired currency from the list.
    Use max of deal price or Exchange floors as floorActivate this toggle if you need to use the maximum of deal price or Exchange floors as floor.
    Deal PriceEnter the deal price. Format example: 11.50.

    Note: Set your CPMs above the average OpenX Ad Exchange CPM. If you need assistance, visit the OpenX Community.
    Start Date & End DateBy default, the deal is active upon creation and has no end date.
       • To set a start date, click on the Start Date calendar, and then select the desired date on which the deal will become active.
       • Set an End Date only if you have a need for a deal to expire after a specific date.
  4. In the Targeting Criteria section, identify the inventory for the deal by doing one of the following:

    • To use an existing package: Select the name of the package from the Package list.
    • To create a new package: Click and specify the inventory and targeting criteria and other details for the new package. Once your new package is created, click to display your package on the Package list.

      For more about creating packages, see Creating Packages.

  5. In the Participants section, select as needed a demand partner, buyers, and brands (optional) for the deal.

    In this fieldDo this
    Supplemental Ad Quality FiltersActivate this toggle if you need to add exceptions to the default ad quality filters specifically for a Private Marketplace deal. Once activated, the Supplemental Ad Quality Filters section appears on the right side of the screen allowing you to set filters.

    Note: You cannot use supplemental ad quality filters to block ads in a deal. These filters apply only to this deal.
    Demand Partners(Required) From this list select the name of at least one demand partner to which you want to offer this deal.

    Note: For deals of type Private Auction or Within Open Auction, you can add multiple demand partners. For a deal of type Preferred Deal, you can add only one demand partner.
    Buyer NamesSelect the name of specific buyers for the deal.

    Note: This is required if the demand partner is Xandr or The Trade Desk.
    Brands(Optional) Enter specific brands for the deal.
    Set Open Auction Access for ParticipantsFrom this list select the type of open auction access for the selected demand partners:

       • Standard Pricing: (Default) Demand partners can win the ad in an open auction if they meet the open auction floor price.
       • Block From Open Auction: Demand partners cannot win the ad in an open auction if the buyers and brands match those in the deal.
       • Deal Pricing. Demand partners can win the ad in an open auction if the buyers and brands match and they meet the deal price.

       • These options only apply to an open auction if the deal is triggered, and the buyer does not win the impression via the deal.
       • Selecting Block From Open Auction or Deal Pricing can negatively impact open auction monetization. For such reason, select a specific inventory or deal participants to prevent negatively impacting monetization.

    (Optional) If you activate the Supplemental Ad Quality Filters toggle, the following section appears on the right side of the screen. From here, you can set filters and then click Apply.

  6. Click . The deal is now active and listed on the Deals List screen.

    To view the details of your new deal, on the Deals List, click on the deal’s name or select Deal Details from the Actions list. For more, see Deal Details.