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Publisher Integrations


The following table lists all available OpenX integrations. Note that you can use several different options for integrating with OpenX.

OpenX IntegrationDescription
Prebid AdaptersAllows you to quickly implement header bidding and manage header bidding partners within a single code implementation, using a free, open-source library Prebid.js.
The OpenX adapters for web and video allow OpenX to participate as a demand source within this solution.
OpenRTB S2S IntegrationsOnce set up, enable OpenX to act as the demand partner for other exchanges, networks, and partners and unlock additional demand for you. The setup process requires close collaboration with OpenX and subsequent required reporting on certain metrics on a regular basis.
JavaScript Ad TagsAllows you to implement different types of customizable ad requests, define ad units and queue appropriate ads for them, display the selected ads in the appropriate ad space, automatically detect certain parameters that ad traffickers can target. Also allows you to pass third-party parameters from custom apps using the MoPub or DFP JavaScript tag integrations.
Ad Request API CallsAllows you to place ad tags in your inventory to make different types of ad request calls to OpenX, which will send delivery responses to serve ads. Each ad tag includes parameters describing the inventory that advertisers can target.
OpenX VAST TagsAllows you to easily integrate different types of video ads for web and app in the OpenX Ad Exchange using VAST tags (including ironSource, MoPub, Fyber, and other app and web VAST tags).