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OpenX UI Overview


When you first log in to OpenX, you see your Dashboard on the home page. This Dashboard contains user-specific information about any objects that you are responsible for.

The Dashboard is the initial screen that you see in OpenX. The following items are displayed in the main navigation menu, depending on your level of access.

InventoryContains settings for managing and classifying ad inventory.
Ad QualityContains settings for controlling the ads that serve to your sites.
DealsContains settings to create and manage existing deals.
PricingContains settings to manage pricing controls and pricing rules.
AdministrationContains settings for managing accounts and users.
ReportingFor viewing, configuring, and scheduling reports.
Provides the Online Help that you are currently viewing.
UsernameA dropdown list that gives you access to your user account settings.

Some features mentioned here may not be available in your region or based on your user role. For more information, visit the OpenX Community.