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OpenX VAST Tags


Last updated on August 20, 2020

If you have a VAST compliant video player on your website or in your app, you can serve video ads through the OpenX Ad Exchange using OpenX VAST tags, which are easy to integrate, require no developer resources, and support in-stream, interstitial, opt-in video, and out-stream video ads for web and app.

To set up video using VAST tags, you need to complete the following steps, some of which OpenX may do for you:

  1. Create a publisher account.
  2. Create a site.


    Make sure that in the Default Delivery Medium field of your site you select either Linear Video (for mobile web and desktop web video) or Mobile (mobile app video or connected TV inventory). Do not select Web. The platform for connected TV inventory should be Other.

  3. Create a linear video ad unit.
  4. Configure and export your VAST ad tags for linear video ad units.
  5. Set up OpenX Market/Selling rules.