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Reports History


Last updated on November 7, 2019

To view data for reports that you have created, click Reports on the left pane to open the Reports dialog. The top section of this dialog shows the Scheduled Reports list which can hold up to 50 scheduled reports. The bottom section of this dialog shows the Downloads History list which contains the last 5 reports you have downloaded.

Because the Download History list only contains the last 5 reports, we suggest you to schedule reports you wish to keep and turn off their notification. All report data is retained for 14 months.

To view the details of a report that you have previously scheduled or downloaded, click the desired report from its list. The Details tab appears on the right pane showing the details (Name, Time Range, Schedule, Filters, Dimensions, and Metrics).

Once your report is selected you can do the following:


Reports are available in .xlsx format only.