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Managing Dimensions


Last updated on November 7, 2019

The Dimension section of your workspace shows a dimension level summary for the selected time period. You can click a value to filter the dashboard, add or remove metrics inside any dimension table, sort by any metric, reorganize tables, download data, and also reorganize them on your workspace by simply drag and dropping them.

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Adding Dimension Tables

Dimension tables can be added to your workspace by clicking the Add Dimension button on the left pane or by clicking the Add New Dimension box located at the bottom of the section.

In the Add Dimensions Tables dialog, click the Add Dimension button for the dimension table(s) you need to add.

Dimension tables that were already added to the dashboard appear on top of the list and have a Click To Show Metrics button which expands the Select Metrics list so that you can add or remove metrics as needed. Click Done.

The dimension table is now added to your workspace.

Viewing Dimension Tables

You can display dimension tables in different ways by using the options located on the top right of the section. These options affect the view of all dimensions tables.

The options are as follows (from left to right respectively):

  • Global Sort: when turned on, you can click on any metric column in dimension tables to sort all dimensions on that metric. This option is turned off by default and its setting can be saved as part of your workspace.
  • Turn on/off snap to text: when turned on, columns are expanded to show their complete header name.
  • Single Grid View: lists all dimension tables in one column.
  • Double Grid View: lists all dimension tables in two columns.

Dimension Table Options

When hovering over a dimension table the following options become available:

The options are as follows (from left to right respectively):

  • Go to Reports: opens the Reports dialog with the table data prefilled so can you can schedule a report.
  • Add Metrics: opens the Add Dimension Tables dialog so that you can add metrics to the dimension.
  • Full View: expands the table covering all of the section and provides additional options, see Full View Options. The same behavior occurs if you click on the title of a dimension table.
  • Download: downloads the table data as a .xlsx file.
  • Remove from workspace: removes the dimension table from the workspace.

Applying Filters

In addition, you can click on a table’s row to apply it as a filter so that you can compare trends of different values side by side or even to filter the workspace on multiple values from one dimension. When doing so, a filter icon appears next to the title of the table. All filters applied to your workspace are listed in the Applied Filters field. You can clear all filters applied to your workspace by clicking the Clear All button located on the right.

Another way to apply filters to your workspace, is by clicking Add Filters on the left pane to open the Filters dialog and then selecting the desired dimension values.

Full View Options

To expand a table to cover all of the dimension section, click Full View or click the table’s title.

The Full View provides additional options you can apply to the table data. One of these options is that you can filter data in columns by selecting the Filter By list and then typing your filter value.

The other options in this view are:

  • Go To Pivot: opens the Pivot screen with the data of the dimension table prepopulated.
  • Apply Filters: applies the filters you selected.
  • Exclude: excludes selected values.
  • Search: searches in the dimension table data.
  • + (Metric): opens the Add Dimension tables dialog so that you can add metrics to the table.
  • Download: downloads the table data as a .xlsx file.