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Managing Metrics


Last updated on November 7, 2019

The Metrics section of your workspace shows hourly or daily trends of metrics with aggregated totals. When hovering over a metric chart, a tooltip appears showing values based on the cursor position. You can add or remove metrics and also reorganize them on your workspace by simply drag and dropping them.

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Adding New Metrics

You can start adding new metric charts to your workspace by clicking the Add Metric button located on the left pane or by clicking the Add New Metric box located at the bottom of the section.

From the Add Metrics dialog you can do the following:

  • Add charts to your workspace by clicking Add Charts .
  • Add metrics to all dimension tables by clicking Add To Tables .

If those options were already selected for a metric, the buttons are highlighted in blue and will instead provide a removal option. Click Add Chart for the metric(s) you need and then click Done.

The metric chart is added to your workspace. In this example, the “Clicks” metric was added.

Viewing Metric Charts

You can display metric charts on your workspace in different ways by using the Chart Types and Expanded/Collapsed view options located on top of the Metrics section. Additional options are also available when a chart is expanded in the center of your workspace.

Chart types

To change the chart type of all metrics charts, use the Chart Types list to select Line Chart, Bar Chart, or Area Chart.

Expanded and collapsed views

You can expand or collapse the view of all metric charts by clicking Expanded view or Collapsed view.

The following are examples of both views (expanded left, collapsed right):


When hovering over a metric chart, a tooltip appears for every metric chart showing its values based on your cursor position.

Metric Chart Options

Anytime you hover over a metric chart a set of additional options become available on the top right of the chart.

These options are (from left to right respectively):

  • Download: downloads the chart’s data as a .xlsx file.
  • Expand Chart: expands the chart in the center of the workspace and provides an additional set of options (see Expanded Chart Options).
  • Remove from Workspace: removes (deletes) the chart from the workspace.

Expanded Chart Options

The Expand Chart button allows to expand the chart in the center of the workspace and provides more options.

These options are as follows (from left to right respectively):

  • Download (as .xlsx)
  • X (closes the expanded chart view)
  • Download plot as .png
  • Zoom
  • Pan
  • Reset axes
  • Show closest data on hover
  • Compare data on hover