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Scheduling Reports


Last updated on November 7, 2019

You can schedule reports to run automatically on a daily or weekly basis and have them sent via email as .xlsx files to the recipients that you designate. A scheduled report is delivered within the hour of the scheduled time. You can schedule a report during or after its creation. You can save up to 50 scheduled reports in the Reports dialog.

To schedule a report:

  1. On the left pane, click Reports.

  2. The Reports dialog appears. From here do the following based on what you need:

    • If you need to schedule a new report, click Add New Report.
    • If you need to schedule an existing report, select the desired report from the Downloads History list.

  3. In the Schedule Report field, select Yes to expand the section and view related fields.

  4. Complete the following fields:

    • Frequency: select Daily or Weekly.
    • Time: select the desired hour and time zone.
    • Email Recipients: your email is listed by default, you can add recipients by typing their email and then pressing Enter on your keyboard.
  5. Click Schedule. The report is now scheduled and listed under Scheduled Reports. The toggle switch allows you to turn on and off its scheduled delivery, if needed.