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OpenRTB Server-to-Server Integration Process


Last updated on July 11, 2018

Use the checklist below page to ensure that you complete all the steps for your OpenRTB server-to-server supply integration.

Contact OpenX to begin discussing the integration process and share your integration documentation.
An OpenX Sales Engineer (SE) reviews the details of your potential integration.
If approved, an OpenX Solutions Architect (SA) will ask you for a sample OpenRTB bid request.
The SA clarifies any missing  required parameters and sends you a sample bid response from OpenX for you to assess.
If there are no issues, the SA will ask you to send some test requests at a low number of queries per second (QPS).

The first requests you send should be for user syncing purposes (for desktop web only).

The SA works with you to achieve an acceptable user match rate.

Once you achieve that goal, the SA will move your integration out of “test” status.
The SA moves your integration into limited production and asks you to send approximately 100 QPS, which is the minimum threshold for accurately assessing discrepancies.
You start sending reports for discrepancy analysis.
After your integration passes limited production testing, OpenX creates a ramp-up plan for your inventory and determines the ideal QPS to allocate.
The OpenX Yield team reviews your integration and moves your integration to full production once approved.