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Reporting to OpenX


Last updated on November 30, 2020

Below are the metrics integrated partners must report to OpenX for OpenRTB server-to-server (S2S) supply integrations.


You must report on the metrics below on a daily basis. If daily reporting is unavailable, send reports as frequently as possible with a daily roll-up available. The largest acceptable interval for reporting is on a weekly basis.

You can make this data available to OpenX preferably through user interface log-in credentials or other means to query your API.

Bid requests to OpenXQuantity of requests for bids you made to the OpenX Ad Exchange.
Valid bid responses from OpenX, differentiating:
   • Positive bids (Bids returned with a price over $0.00).
   • “No bid response” bids.
Quantity of valid bid responses you received from the OpenX Ad Exchange.
Winning bidsQuantity of bids which won within your auction.
Billable/sold impressionsQuantity of impressions for which an OpenX Ad Exchange bid’s creative both rendered and served.
RevenueRevenue received from impressions, overall.
Losses, broken down by loss reasons, such as:
   • Timeouts and timeout rate.For example, the percentage of requests for which you did not receive a response from OpenX or OpenX responded too late.
   • Errors
   • Creative issues. For example, creative ID missing, blocked creative attribute, or non-secure creative.
   • Bidding issues. For example, no bids, bid below the floor, or outbid by competition.
   • Advertiser issues. For example, advertiser not allowlisted, or blocked advertiser.

Note: You may organize your data differently. However, for the most optimized integration possible, please provide the most granular loss-related information possible. Sometimes loss reasoning is code-based (for example, 401 or 402). If so, please send code definitions.
Quantity of losses and explanations for their causes.