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SupplyChain Object Integration


As part of a broader effort to eliminate the ability to profit from invalid traffic, ad fraud, and counterfeit inventory in the open digital advertising ecosystem, the SupplyChain object enables buyers to see all parties who are selling or reselling a given bid request.

The SupplyChain object is composed primarily of a set of nodes where each node represents a specific entity that participates in the selling of a bid request. The entire chain of nodes from beginning to end would represent all sellers who were paid for an individual bid request.

To familiarize yourself further with the attributes that make up the SupplyChain object, visit the official IAB spec here: SupplyChain object.

Integration Support

If you are an OpenX publisher that monetizes inventory for a site(s) that you do not own and operate (for example, you are defined by the IAB as an intermediary), please identify your integration type below for guidance on how to support passing OpenX the SupplyChain object. As an intermediary, support for the SupplyChain object is critical to protecting your revenue, as advertisers are much less likely to bid on requests that have an incomplete SupplyChain object.

  • Prebid Adapter: Upgrade to version 2.33.0+ and enable the SupplyChain object module.
  • OpenRTB integrations: Add the source.ext.schain field to bid requests that you send to OpenX per the IAB spec.
  • OpenX Bidder Lite: Replace your code base with the latest version. For more information, visit the OpenX Community.