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Audience Targeting


Last updated on July 20, 2021

This targeting dimension allows you to target or block groups of users who share particular behaviors or traits. For example, you may want to create a deal that targets all financial news readers across all of your inventory.

You can target your audience segments when setting up private marketplace deals and pricing control floors. You can use third-party audience segments from external DMPs that are integrated with OpenX.

To target desired audience segments:

  1. Open an existing deal, package, floor, or other item where you want to set up audience targeting or start creating a new one.

  2. In the Supply Criteria section of the deal and/or the Targeting section of the package, click the edit icon. The associated targeting page appears.

  3. Click Add Audience.

  4. In the displayed fields, make the desired selections for third-party audience segments, as described in DMP audience segments below.

  5. Click Apply.

  6. Save the package and/or the deal.

The package and the associated deals are now targeted to your specified audiences.

DMP Audience Segments

If you have audience segments that have been defined in a DMP, such as Krux, and your DMP has been integrated with OpenX for you, then you can target those segments. They are listed as Third Party Audience segments in the targeting criteria. DMP segments are synchronized in OpenX every 24 hours.

DMP audience targeting options include:

Targeting dimensionOption selectorsOptions
Third party audience segment• Contains any of
• Contains all of
Select one or more audience segments to target.

Note: You cannot block DMP audience segments, you can only target them.

Both your first-party and third-party DMP segments are available in this feature.