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Last updated on August 20, 2020

Targeting is used to identify inventory to be bought or sold. You may need to set your targeting criteria when creating and modifying any of the following:

When you create or modify deals or floors, you typically select or create an inventory package and set its targeting criteria. Alternatively, you may select Custom and set your custom criteria specific to your deal, for example. Regardless of the option you choose to set your targeting criteria, the Targeting page has the same appearance and functionality.

Setting Up Targeting Criteria

To set your targeting criteria:

  1. Open the page where you want to set your targeting criteria (which can be any of the items listed above). For example, when creating a deal:

    a. In the Supply Criteria section, select a package and click the edit icon. Alternatively, go to Inventory > Package, search for the package, and click its name in the displayed list.

    b. In the Targeting section of the package, click the edit icon.

    A page appears with a list of available targeting criteria described in the table below.

  2. To set the logic for all of your selections, click the Match switch to have All or Any of your criteria to be matched.


    OpenX targets all, unless you add specific targeting. For example, if you do not add any ad unit size targeting, then all ad unit sizes are targeted.

  3. Click the Add link for the targeting criteria you want to set.

  4. In the displayed fields, type and select the attributes and values to be included or excluded for your targeting. For details, see the Targeting Criteria table below.

  5. Click Apply.

  6. Save the package and/or the deal, floor, or any other item where you have made changes.

    The package and the associated deals and floors are now targeted to your specified criteria.

Targeting Criteria

Targeting criteriaDescription
Inventory and contentTargets where to serve ads in your inventory, such as sites, sections, and ad units.
GeographicTargets a user’s physical location, such as their city or state.
Technology and devicesTargets the technologies a user employs in their computing environment, such as their computer’s operating system.
CustomTargets custom key-value pairs that you specify.
(if enabled)
Targets specific audience segments that you have predefined in a data management platform (DMP), such as Krux.
To target third-party audience segments, your DMP must be integrated with OpenX.
For more information, visit the OpenX Community.
Category (only available in deals and packages)Targets IAB categories.
Screen Type
(only available in packages)
Targets different delivery media, such as mobile, web, or video.
ViewabilityTargets based on an ad unit’s average viewability score.
(only available in deals and packages)
Targets the attributes of a video, such as rewarded video (opt-in).