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Viewability Targeting


Last updated on March 21, 2017

This targeting dimension allows you to serve ads based on an ad unit’s average viewability score. OpenX uses the Media Rating Council (MRC) definition of viewability unless otherwise noted. Ads are considered viewable for desktop display if 50% of their pixels are in view for a minimum of one second, or for a minimum of two seconds for desktop video. To provide impartial data, OpenX utilizes outside vendors to help determine when an ad is viewable.

OpenX implements viewability targeting using a tiered system of minimum viewability scores. For example, “75% or greater” means that you are targeting only ads that have been viewable 75% of the time or more. You can then target campaigns to a certain minimum viewability level, or set line item prices or floor prices based on viewability tiers. For example, you could set a higher price for impressions with a higher viewability score and conversely, a lower price for those with a lower score.

An example of setting floors based on viewability scores:

Viewability RangePrice
90 % or greater$5.00
80 % or greater$4.00
70 % or greater$3.00
50 % or greater$1.00
10 % or greater$.50

Viewability Targeting Options

Targeting dimensionOperatorsOptions
Select viewability tierString: Equals95 % or greater
90 % or greater
85 % or greater
80 % or greater
75 % or greater
70 % or greater
65 % or greater
60 % or greater
55 % or greater
50 % or greater
40 % or greater
30 % or greater
20 % or greater
10 % or greater

Programmatic Direct Deals

Private Marketplace (PMP) and Real-time Guaranteed (RTG) deals can use these same viewability tiers for targeting. This allows the publisher and buyer to agree to transact, for example, only on impressions with a viewability score of 90% or greater with a specified CPM price.