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GDPR Integration Support

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Last updated on April 3, 2020

With the enactment of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you may need to take certain actions to become compliant, such as modifying your integration method for connecting to the OpenX Ad Exchange and implementing a Consent Management Provider (CMP) framework.

Integrations Specific Guidance

If you connect to Ad Exchange using one of the following methods, please see below for guidance:

  • Prebid: You will need to enable the GDPR consent management module and Prebid recommends updating to version 2.43+ for TCF v2. OpenX recommends using our latest Prebid adapter however, you may not need to update your OpenX bid adapter for TCF v2 support. For more guidance, see Prebid’s GDPR Consent Management Module.
  • OpenRTB bid requests:
    • Mobile apps: Add the bidrequest.regs.ext.gdpr and user.ext.consent fields to bid requests that you send to OpenX.
    • Web: Add the bidrequest.regs.ext.gdpr and user.ext.consent fields to bid requests that you send to OpenX.
  • Google Open Bidding: No changes are required for TCF v2 support.
  • OpenX Bidder Lite: Replace your code base with the latest version. For more information, please visit the OpenX Community.
  • JavaScript tag for web: No changes required to support TCF v2.
  • OpenX Mobile SDK:

OpenX supports the IAB Transparency and Consent Framework v1 and v2.

Integrations Not Supported

It is not possible to pass GDPR consent signals in MoPub JavaScript tags.

Consent Management Platforms

OpenX requires you work with an IAB-compliant CMP. A CMP collects and stores information from consenting users on behalf of a publisher and passes that information to ad exchanges and demand partners. When configuring a CMP implementation, make sure to include OpenX as a vendor. For more information please visit this link:

Demand Partners

Last updated on March 18, 2020

To support compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), OpenX passes on signals in bid requests indicating users’ consent for various purposes. You can use these signals to inform your bidding decisions.

OpenRTB bid requests from OpenX can include the following fields:

  • consent field of the BidRequest.user.ext object (IAB framework)
  • gdpr field of the BidRequest.regs.ext object (IAB framework)
  • consented_providers field of the BidRequest.user.ext.consented_providers_settings object (Google consent framework)